About me

Graphics Design, Programming


So you want to know more about me

Hey! I’m Oliver, A man that has fought his way through the educational system with mediocre degrees and yet still chosen to sacrifice his soul to study and work in a technical and aspiring field. I am highly dedicated to my work and in general anything I put my mind into.

I possess the knowledge of a person with a Bachelor of Science degree and is otherwise self-taught in IT and graphics. Most of my knowledge comes from always browsing the web, being part of various forums, graphics or programming related boards and I therefore experiment a lot. As for my graphical interest I draw, pixel and paint digital now and then and have been doing various illustrations and digital work for friends and family.
I have never attended any art specific courses, aside from the UX, UI and 3D courses on the path to get my BsC.

I’m a tech savvy person, exploring the web and breaking stuff is what I do and has been doing ever since I got my first computer running DOS at the age of 6. I have interest in many technical and visual fields, among these are: graphics design, animation, programming and graphics programming but being able to stay focused on these topics individually for a longer period requires activity, as such I’m contributing to a lot of different projects on my Github page https://github.com/CandyFace, because then there’s always something to!

I explore the unknown corners of the web, lurks at all the weird and small projects that no one else knows about and because of that, I have gained experience in C#, Lua, Javascript, C++, CSS, HTML, PHP and Python, CG and a bit of GLSL.


Theis Berthelsen